It was inevitable that Alison became a Mentor and Coach. Her whole life she has been sought out as a confidante and calming force to friends. 


 Her no nonsense and compassionate attitude allows her to incorporate her knowledge, understanding and intuition when empowering clients to reach their full potential. 


Alison believes everyone has the right to live a life of joy, doing what they truly love! Tune into a number of different ways to receive support from Alison below. 

The Shift into Your Authentic Self Course


Are you living your most authentic life? You’re likely asking yourself, “How do I know if I am?”, “What does that even mean?” or saying, “I have no idea!”

Are you living in high energy and emotion, your most authentic life? Or succumbing to lower energy and emotion, unbalanced and misaligned? We all have love energy moments (some longer than others) and that’s ok. There are a LOT of influences around us lowering our energy and emotions. The answer is to learn how to stay in that higher vibration and let go of the lower vibrational energy and emotions. 

We are human so we will drop to lower frequencies every now and then, however, our goal is to live our authentic life, in our highest energy and emotions. 

How do you get there? It takes work, unravelling the tethers, habits and beliefs we have, becoming aware of what is influencing us and how that affects our energy and emotions. Shift into your Authentic Self: Elevate Your Energy and Emotion will guide you to live as your highest and most authentic self, helping you raise your energy levels and uplevel your emotions! . 

Are you ready to realize a life with more energy and higher frequency emotions?

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Shift Into your Authentic Self: Elevate your Energy and Emotions


Are you living your most authentic life? You’re likely asking yourself, “How do I know if I am?”, “What does that even mean?” or saying, “I have no idea!”

The shifts, no matter how small, are all significant as they move you more into your authentic self. Come into this course with an open heart and mind and be ready to DO the work (don't worry it's not overwhelming).  


Personalized Coaching



This energy healing is to help heal your physical, emotional and ancestral issues.

We hold a series of traumas in our bodies. Over time, our seemingly minor traumas build up creating energetic blocks within our physical bodies that manifest in pain or inaction.

By nature of our DNA we also carry the memory of ancestral trauma and issues which also manifest in our physical body.

When we can release these built up blocks energetically, we create space for our body and mind to move to something that is in our highest interest, we heal.

These healings are profound. Perhaps surprisingly, we need not know what our energetic block is, in order to heal it, our spirit and energy always knows and can release it.

$222 CAD for a 90 minute session




Personalized Coaching



Whether you are looking for clarity on a particular situation or person or just want to know what your higher spirit wants you to know, an intuitive card reading is the way to go.
We start by asking you what you want to get out of the reading - whether it is something specific or general. From there we let the cards do the talking....Ok, we do the talking, but the cards guide us along with our intuition. As we progress you can ask questions for more clarity. We follow the cards for you to gain as much insight into your question as possible. 
$150 CAD for a 1 hour session
OR $222 CAD for a 1.5 hour session 
Available by appointment. 
Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment. 

Complimentary 20 minute Clarity Call 

Need some clarity on the right path for you? Book a 20 minute Clarity Call compliments of Alison!




"My healing session surpassed my expectations.  Alison is keen to focus on what negative energies need releasing.  Her calm tone during our conversations made me quickly trust her.  She delivered.  I look forward to my next session!"


- CT


Alison is so gifted! Her healing guidance has been hugely helpful in navigating some very big life events. I most certainly wouldn't have faired as well without her assistance. If you're feeling stuck in life, needing direction, struggling with illness, reach out! She can help.


-Dawn Kress, Professional Mentor, Wellness Facilitator & Author


I have recently had 2 transformative healing sessions with her. She undoubtedly helped release the chronic pain that I had been carrying through a light-filled guided energy healing and subsequent ancestral healing.


I’m still in awe that I no longer have to live in pain. After each session, Alison took the time to follow up with me to see how I was and offered guidance on how to make the healing transition easier. 


Her insightful coaching with respect to my career path has been invaluable. I have counted a few “wins” since our talks. From an improved work dynamic to appropriate compensation for my work, things are so much better for me at work. Alison invests all of herself in every session and willingly shares as much valuable information deemed necessary for you to move into your greater and higher self. 


Alison is truly gifted and possesses the wonderfully beautiful qualities of an intuitive empath. She is insightful, caring, joyful, humble, generous. Alison is also really funny, has the best laugh and knows how to keep each session filled with life, love and joy. It’s no coincidence that those core values form the name of her company.


- LP