Our Mission (Passion) Statement

Live Love and Joy helps people create balance and joy in their lives, guiding them to realize their full potential.

We align people with their core values to find their life balance.

Live Love and Joy exists to create a better, joyful and loving world for everyone.

The Team

Meet our Intuitive Mentors, Coaches, Facilitators

Alison Stuckey

A visionary leader, Alison founded Live Love and Joy to change the world and show people how to live happier, more fulfilled lives. She believes everyone deserves to live a full and joyous life with balance and purpose.
Her passion is helping people and allowing them to realize the love and joy that lives within them. Everyone was born to live every aspect of their life with abundance and joy. As an Intuitive Mentor and Coach and Corporate Culture Strategist, her mission is to change how people approach their daily lives, helping them realize balance in work and home life. This is achieved by balancing mental, physical, emotional (spiritual) and energetic aspects. After years in a corporate environment she had her children, choosing to return to entrepreneurial instead of corporate life.
After years of illness, she studied the mental, physical, spiritual and energetic connection and has developed strategies to manage her life, living each day with love, joy and personal and spiritual growth. Her wealth of knowledge and accessible and applicable techniques can help individual clients, management and employees create a happier, healthier, more balanced and productive life balance.

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Kendra George

Kendra has a true Joie de Vivre, after the reality of life
(and death) of losing 2 friends in mid-life. Other people complain, but Kendra embraces the fact that she is still here, has life experiences and knowledge to share and is able to enjoy a full life. She finds joy in everything, no matter how big or small. This permeates who she is. Kendra will do everything possible to help you find the joy in your life!

Through her life experiences, Kendra has realized that she can get through any situation with grace, remaining authentic to herself. She knows personal growth is a game changer for everyone and knows that everyone can make a difference in the world!

As an employee, she remembers her jobs as “fine”; though she was never passionate about them, she didn’t mind going to work. She realizes, today things are different many people strongly dislike or even hate going to work.  She envisions a world where every person is happy, not necessarily in love with their job, but having a much sought after work life balance which creates their joy.  She knows happy people lead to happy families, happy communities and ultimately a happy world.  It is this possibility of creating global happiness that drives her to help others be the best they can be.

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We are so happy you are here! Have a look around the site and let us know how we can serve you!

In peace,

Alison and Kendra