Creating a more positive, happier, more fulfilled and aligned life has never been more important. 


 Changing the world one person at a time, Live Love and Joy is helping the world become a better place. When one person can become happier, living life more aligned, it creates a domino effect. One person achieving more of a much sought after life of happiness and joy, affects much change for their self, family, friends, their co-workers and everyone with whom they interact.

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Live Love and Joy utilizes interactive on-line courses, individual and group coaching and energy healing to teach strategies that can be used immediately. This offers clients an opportunity for massive personal growth and development, changing themselves and their entire life existence to one of fulfillment and alignment. 

Our programs teach people how to navigate an increasingly uncertain, disconnected, global and technological world. Showing them how to create life balance, meaningful connection and a purposeful existence. 
By creating more mind-body-spiritual alignment in someone's life, we help them live fulfilled, joyful and balanced in every aspect of life.

Our Services

Energy Healing

This energy healing is to help heal your physical, emotional and ancestral issues.



Intuitive Card Reading

Whether you are looking for clarity on a particular situation or person or just want to know what your higher spirit wants you to know, an intuitive card reading is the way to go.



The Shift Within

A 12 week container that will guide you in creating awareness and clarity within and help you shift to your BEST self.




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