Spirit Sessions Mastermind


How bright is your light?

  •  Are you a flicker or spark, wondering what more is out there, feeling like there is something you’re missing?
  •  Are you a nightlight, newly aware of spiritual happenings around you and have many questions?
  •  Are you a lightbulb, aware and have knowledge of your spiritual connection, have some intuitive knowledge and understand upleveling? With more questions you can’t yet answer?
  •  Are you a streetlight, aware of the spiritual shift and upleveling happening for so many on the planet but have unanswered questions and not quite sure how to explain your spiritual expansion? 

Each week we will delve into a spiritual aspect affecting many people, from Empathy and HSP to Intuition, Energetic attachments, protection and MORE.

This is for the woman who: 

  •  Is discovering or upleveling her spiritual growth
  •  Has questions that are unanswered (more questions than answers)
  •  Is experiencing overwhelm from outside energies (your mind is always “on” and often in overwhelm)
  •  Can’t explain things happening recently in her life (emotions, overwhelm, inattention, etc)
  •  Is seeking expansion in their life
  •  Wonders about intuition, energy, spiritual connection, etc.
  •  Feels there is more out there for her
  •  Is being nudged, tugged or called to a group like this 

What you will Experience: 

  •  Support of your peers experiencing the same growth, which is invaluable as you expand your spiritual connection
  •  Understanding of your spiritual growth and how to live with the “disruptions”
  •  Connection to your truth and soul purpose
  •  Wisdom from spirit and how to connect in to your spirit connection
  •  Empowering tools to help manage your spiritual expansion
  •  An ability to grow with your spiritual expansion as you amplify your light 

Join Alison Stuckey of Live Love and Joy for this 6 week Mastermind. As a gifted intuitive, energy healer and spiritual coach, Alison’s many years of experience living through her own spiritual expansion has given her much wisdom. She will lead you through various aspects affecting many women on the planet. As we uplevel and evolve, our spiritual gifts and connections are amplifying, often so quickly, it leaves us in spiritual and emotional turmoil. Understanding what is happening, how and why, alleviates the stress this new reality is having on so many of us.

You are not alone. Let Alison guide you on your spiritual expansion.


6 weeks 90 min group sessions

Supported by a Facebook Group

Guest Experts

Guided meditations

Group Healing as necessary



$499 +HST


VIP Experience

All of the benefits of the Spirit Sessions Mastermind Experience 


4 - One Hour, One to one Coaching/Healing Sessions with Alison ($600 value)




May 11th start - Thursdays 1 - 2:30 pm

May 16th start - Tuesdays 7:30 - 9 pm

May 11th day
May 16th evening
May 11th day VIP
May 16th evening VIP


It was inevitable that Alison become a Mentor and Coach, her whole life, she has been sought out as a confidante and calming force to friends. 
Her no nonsense and compassionate attitude allows her to incorporate her knowledge, understanding and intuition when empowering clients to reach their full potential. Alison believes everyone has the right to live a life of joy, doing what they truly love! 
She can help you THRIVE with her one-on-one coaching sessions. 
$150 + hst per hour
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Energy Healing

This energy healing is to help heal your physical, emotional and ancestral issues.

We hold a series of traumas in our bodies, from a minor argument in Gr 2 on the playground that was resolved the next day to the driver who shows their anger at you. Over time, these seemingly minor traumas build up creating energetic blocks within our physical bodies that manifest in pain or inaction.

By nature of our DNA we also carry the memory of ancestral trauma and issues which also manifest in our physical body.

When we can release these built up blocks energetically, we create space for our body and mind to move to something that is in our highest interest, we heal.

These healings are profound. Perhaps surprisingly, we need not know what our energetic block is, in order to heal it, our spirit and energy always knows and can release it.

$222 + hst for 90 minutes

Medical disclaimer: This is NOT a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Never ignore professional medical advice in seeking treatment because of something you have read, heard or experienced with Live Love and Joy. If you think you may have a medical emergency, immediately call your doctor or dial 911.
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Intuitive Card Readings

Whether you are looking for clarity on a particular situation or person or just want to know what your higher spirit wants you to know, an intuitive card reading is the way to go.
We can intuit those answers without cards, but cards are FUN!
They are pretty to look at and easy to follow along.
How does it work?
We start by asking you what you want to get out of the reading - whether it is something specific or general. From there we let the cards do the talking....Ok, we do the talking, but the cards guide us along with our intuition. As we progress you can ask questions for more clarity. We follow the cards for you to gain as much insight into your question as possible. 
$150 per reading which is 1 hour long.
$225 for 1.5 hours.
OR you let us know the length of time you would like!
Not sure what this is all about and want to dip just a toe? Try our EXPRESS READING for $37.50 - one question/card, approximately 15 minutes.
Available by appointment.  Please contact us for more information or to book an appointment. 
Give it a try - we promise fun and insight!
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Complimentary 15 minute Clarity Call 

Need some clarity? Book a 15 minute Clarity Call compliments of Alison!

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