Referral Partner Program

a.k.a. Affiliate Program

a.k.a. the link I use to share with my friends so I benefit (make money) when they buy!


Become referral partner and get paid!**

Whether you are you a natural connector or you feel comfortable referring someone when you personally love the product, or you are somewhere in between, this program is for YOU!!!!
People LOVE referrals and often make a decision to purchase based solely on their friend's recommendation.
We would love your referrals!
We also want money and energy to move more!
We have put together this program so you can make money AND your friends can access great content - and in turn, they can make money if they want to refer!
Money is not scary, it's not bad, it is simply an energetic way that we can get things we desire (and we ARE worth it!).
Joining to be a referral partner is FREE!
There is NO obligation to share that link.
There is NO obligation to "get" sales.
This is simply a way for you to share our site AND get compensated.
**payment is made based on actual purchases of LLJ connect membership site and online courses.